Sally and Ted

"The Excalibur Horse Center has excellent accounting and business practices.  Their bills are clear, you get training updates and your horse is very well cared for.  Kellyn has a fabulous farrier.  It is clear that this facility isn't running paycheck-to-paycheck.  Several times I dropped in and always noticed fresh water, plenty of hay and the grounds were always impeccable.  I also walked the fence lines in the pasture Ted was in looking for flaws, and I didn't find any.  The driveways are plowed and in good repair.  The facility also has excellent safety measures for the horses in the stable!" - Sally M. and Ted

Stall Board: $475/month

Pasture Board: $350/month

Excalibur Horse Center is a small boarding facility specializing in personalized care for your horse.  Our highly qualified staff is dedicated to meeting each horse's individual needs, 24 hours a day.  Stall and pasture board is available for clients enrolled in a training or lesson program.


Our facility features eight 10x10 stalls, an 80x160 indoor arena, 60x140 outdoor arena, a heated tack room with individually assigned areas for equipment storage, and indoor grooming areas with cross-ties.  A full jump course, gymkhana equipment, and cross-country schooling jumps are available for use, and with 16.3 acres and miles of horse-friendly dirt roads to ride on, Excalibur Horse Center is the perfect place for the serious competitor as well as the recreational rider.


We offer a variety of Nutrena feeds, along with high-quality 1st and 2nd cutting grass/alfalfa hay.  We are happy to feed any supplements or specialty feeds you provide, once or twice daily according to your preferred schedule.


Horses are turned out in small groups, in one of our four pastures, each with 10x20 run-in sheds.  Turnout groups are determined according to your horse's temperament and nutritional needs, to provide optimal comfort and safety in the pasture.  Round bales with Hay Hut Feeders are provided to 3 of the turn-outs, and the 4th turn-out is fed hay twice per day.  All pastures are fenced with RAMM Flex Fence and Hotcote hot wire.


Daily care is available for horses with special needs including leg wraps, medication, blanketing, etc.  Private turn-out is available on a limited basis for horses recovering from injury.  We are happy to work with you to make sure all of your equine companion's needs are met!


Stall board includes an assigned stall, cleaned and re-bedded daily.  Hay and grain is fed twice each day, and plenty of clean, fresh water is always available.  Horses are turned out in their assigned pasture by 8am every day, and are brought in between 4pm and 7pm, depending on the weather.  Pasture board includes turnout in an assigned pasture where plenty of hay and fresh, clean water is always available.  Pasture boarded horses are brought in and separated for grain daily in order for us to better monitor their health.