2018  Show and Clinic Schedule


Excalibur Horse Center offers a full competition schedule for riders interested in showing all levels of hunters, jumpers, and eventing.  Our schedule includes USEA, TEAM and schooling shows, horse trials, and event derbies.  All current students, boarders, and clients are welcome to attend shows with us.  We pride ourselves on providing a relaxed and enjoyable show experience for both new-comers and veterans.  School horses are available for shows on a limited basis.  Please ask your trainer for more details!


Show Fee Schedule (fees listed are in addition to show entry fees):

*All Show fees are due one week prior to the show

Show Fee Schedule (fees listed are in addition to show entry fees):

Trainer Fee (applies to all riders)

1 rider at show: $150 per day (including show days and schooling days)

2+ riders at show: $75 per day per rider (including show days and schooling days)

Hauling (applies to all riders who are not hauling their own horse)

1 horse: $2 per loaded mile

2+ horses: $1.25 per loaded mile per horse

Horse Lease Fee (applies to riders showing a school horse without a monthly lease)

$40 per day (including show days and schooling days)

Other Show & Grooming Fees:

Trainer ride in show: $20 per class, or $50 per day (unlimited classes)

Trainer schooling ride at show: $40

Button Braids: $45

Hunter Braids: $60

Show Clip (trim face, legs): $15

Irish Clip: $60

Trace clip: $80

Hunter body clip (legs & face fuzzy): $100

Full body clip: $150


4/14-4/15 Midwest Dressage Association Boot Camp at Rattlewood, Oxford

4/21 WHC Hunter Trials, Grass Lake

4/29 Woodbine Dressage, Chelsea


5/12 Spring Fling TEAM Horse Trials at Honey Run, Ann Arbor

5/26-5/27 Woodbine Hunter/Jumper, Chelsea


6/17 Cobblestone TEAM Horse Trials, Dexter

6/23-6/24 Honey Run USEA Horse Trials, Ann Arbor


6/30-7/1 Woodbine Hunter/Jumper, Chelsea

7/22 Hunter’s Run Derby, Metamora

7/28-7/29 Bobby Meyerhoff Eventing Clinic at Hunter’s Run, Metamora


8/3-8/5 Cobblestone USEA Horse Trials, Dexter

8/12 Woodbine Dressage, Chelsea


9/8-9/9 Chardon Valley USEA Horse Trials, Decatur

9/16 Cobblestone Derby for Dollars, Dexter

​​*Shows May Be Added or Dropped*

** On the weekends with date conflicts, we will be going to one of the listed shows.  Which one we choose depends on the level of interest, so please tell us as far in advance as possible if you are planning on attending one of these shows.